Avoid Common Home Building Mistakes

If you are planning to build a new home, you should review the following list of items that are considered to be mistakes made by other first time home builders. Taking a few moments out of the day to read this information may save your heartache in the future.

Not enough time is spent in the planning process:

Any one who has built, or even bought a home, will tell you the importance of making a shopping list for your new home. You need to consider not just the large issues such as room count and how the fasade will fit in with the neighborhood, but also the smaller details associated with every day life.

Watch your family carefully to find out the patterns of their day. If you discover that your kids are coming in the front door and dropping their coats on the floor, you should consider the added-value of a front hallway closet. If your football playing son is leaving his shoulder pads in the kitchen, it might be a clue that you are lacking storage space. If your laundry room is overcrowded by bulk laundry products and multiple hampers, it might signify a need to an organizational system built into the laundry area in a new home.

Take plenty of time to analyze your needs, as well as your wants. Not too many people NEED 3 sinks in their kitchen. However, it may be what you want. Make your list, and take your time!

Select the Contractor Carefully

This cannot be stated enough. If you do not choose your building professionals carefully, rather than a beautiful home you may end up with a huge heartache and an even larger financial burden to correct the mistakes. Worse yet, you could find yourself in court over a failure to have an adequate contract agreement with the contractor. Don’t make this building error.

Taking the time to ask the right questions and to check any and all references available is a good place to start.

Contact an Attorney

Particularly if you are serving as the General Contractor for your home building project, you should visit with an attorney specializing in real estate in order to protect your legal interests. You need to ensure an adequate contract is signed with subcontractors, for your own protection and legal responsibilities.

Be There and Inspect the Job

If you are building a home, regardless of how well you trust and communicate with the builder, it is important that you be on site daily if possible. You need to talk to the builder to get status updates, and to be aware of any potential or existing problems with the construction of your new home.

You should also have the home inspected prior to its completion. You want to ensure that the home is safe, and a good inspector can point out any potential hazards or problems with the construction of the home.

Following the guidelines for pitfalls commonly experience by home builders will enable you to make moving to your new home a pleasure, rather than a nightmare. Take the time to do the necessary pre-building work, and you are almost guaranteeing a successful construction job.

Source: BuildingPlans.com