How to Read a Blueprint

This is a very useful article from the BHG magazine about how to understand what are the symbols on the blueprint mean.

Blueprint symbols are the universal language of builders and contractors. Once you’ve learned the language, you, too, will be in the know.

The codes shown here are in general use in the building industry but may vary slightly from architect to architect. Consult with your contractor if you don’t understand a symbol on your blueprints.

Additional notes:

  • In the kitchen, appliance and door swings are noted on blueprints, which will help you visualize the flow of the space and anticipate any potentially awkward problems.
  • A circled number with a triangle means there is additional information elsewhere in the set of plans, or it indicates a revision.

Casement window hinged left [A] and right [B]; elevation view 1. Casement window hinged left [A] and right [B]; elevation view

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