Stages of Pool Construction

Want to see actual photos of pool construction in progress?

Expert pool builders from have provided the following from their files to give you a better understanding of some stage of construction. These are high quality pools that you will oversee whether building your own pool or starting your own pool business.

Pool construction stages: Excavation and Steel

Excavation and Steel:  Layout and excavation is an important phase of your pool shell construction.  Everything else follows.  If you over dig, it will take more steel, shotcrete, tile, plaster, etc.  That can bring your estimated cost of construction over budget.

Pool construction stages: Pool Plumbing

Pool Plumbing:  It is important to hire experienced pool plumbers. Other types of plumbers may over charge or miss simple details because of their lack of experience.

Pool construction stages: Shotcrete/Gunite

Shotcrete/Gunite:  Which of these to use will depend on the geographical location you build a pool.  It is important to hire contractors who specialize in pool shells.  Gunite is shot dry through a hose and wet at the nozzle and shotcrete is shot wet through the hose.

Pool construction stages: finished coping

Pool Coping:  There are several options for pool coping.  Bullnose coping, brick coping, bullnose brick, etc.  In some areas where soil conditions are right, Cantilever decking can take place of coping.

Pool construction stages: pool tile

Pool Tile:  This choice can be overwhelming.  Be careful not to choose a tile that is too busy for your pool.  It can be deceiving looking at samples of sample photos.  Try to see a pool or photo of a completed job that uses your choice of tile.

Pool construction stages: pool decking

Pool Decking:  Geographically determined, pool decking may be poured differently.  Some decks require steel rebar or steel mesh while other regions may not require any steel at all because of soil conditions.

Pool construction stages: finished product 

The Finished Product.