Kitchen Design Styles

Contemporary kitchen style sample Contemporary kitchen style old wood   

Contemporary – simple in design, uncluttered. Smooth, sleek surfaces such as marble, glass and stainless steel. Backgrounds are neutral or light, with strongly colored accessories and accents. Lighting is usually hidden and window treatments minimalist. Contemporary kitchens are the most common kitchen in the country today. Contemporary kitchens are warm and often considered the “second family room”. Many contemporary kitchens have Corian or laminate countertop and/or vinyl flooring as well as ample storage space with cabinets and a pantry. They are designed for the family-on-the-go and often times have a sizeable dining area right off of the cooking area.

Country kitchen style sample French country style kitchen style

Country – simple designs hearkening back to old times. Earthy colors, subtle hues with plenty of wood and brick exposed. Wood beams and pine panels. Rustic. Country kitchens are characterized by their wide-beamed wood flooring as well as white-washed wood trim and cabinets. Country kitchens also have a lot of natural light either from large picture windows or skylights. Lots of countertop space and storage make these kitchens beautiful and functional.

Traditional kitchen style design Traditional kitchen: kitchen island and cooking area

Traditional – more formal than country, traditional style gets its look from fine woods and often ornately detailed cabinetry. Rich, deep colors are used to create a mood of refinement and good taste. Traditional style plays up architectural details, such as crown moldings and raised wood paneling. Elegant and refined. (Images from Flickr)

Southwestern kitchen ceraminc tiles Southwestern kitchen earthy colors

Southwestern – natural materials and craftmanship. Earthy background tones accentuate the primary colors of the accessories. Materials used include, quarry and ceraminc tiles, wood, and hand-painted fabrics. Southwestern kitchens are reminiscent of other southwestern styles with lots of vivid color, tile designs and arched doorways and windows. Earthy red tones, royal blues, and yellows are the traditional color scheme for Southwestern kitchens. Southwestern kitchens often have a large central island for food preparation making them functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Eclectic kitchen design Eclectic kitchen style

Eclectic – combines elements from various sources, both old and new, to achieve a pleasing, harmonious mix. Colors and materials are mixed, with no particular bias. Furniture and accessories can be new or second-hand, modern or antique, sometimes collected over the years, to make an individually-styled kitchen. This style thrives on an intriguing combination of diverse design styles and materials and isn’t characterized by a particular color palette or range of patterns. Eclectic style often highlights hand-me-down items, second-hand store finds, and other recyclables.

 Modern kitchen style Modern kitchen style example Modern kitchen style sample

Modern kitchens embody urban chic with sleek lines, metallic finishes and appliances, as well as minimal lighting. Most modern kitchens have less storage space and tend to use design elements that incorporate pots, pans, and dishes. Additionally, most modern kitchens often have cutting edge technology which is great for entertaining and gourmet cooking. (images from

Ultra-modern kitchen style Ultramodern kitchen Futuristic kitchen sample

Ultra-modern, sometimes futuristic – state-of-the-art, smart, high-tech appliances, the ‘kitchen of the future’ look. (see more at

minimalist kitchen example minimalist kitchen sample

Minimalist – more a discipline than a style, can be nice to look at but hard to live with, favored by architects and designers, clutter is reduced to a minimum, each item has its own defined space.

Classical kitchen European classical kitchen

Classical – brings together any of the classic architectural styles of the past few centuries; Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian etc., and offers the opportunity for householders to enjoy the aesthetic of a bygone era, but in a much more labor saving form. Modern day versions of classic styles are widely available. Rebuilding a period look with authentic materials can be one of the most rewarding ways to furnish a home, but it can also be a long, hard job. (images from elt-kitchen)

Shaker kitchen Shaker kitchen

Shaker – characterized by purity, simplicity, and utility, a combination of simplified furniture style, clear crisp lines, lightness and strength fits well into modern interiors, while the utilitarian aspect of the design often translates into clever storage solutions. Modern versions allow mixing and matching traditional woods with granite surfaces to great effect. Good looks and practicality make this a good choice for style conscious family life.