2010 Kitchen Design Trends

Each and every year seems to present various new trends when it comes to interior decorating and beautiful home design. Sometimes the old trends return and take the place of the new, that is now past. For 2010 kitchen trends traditional designs take over the contemporary ones, which might come as a suprise to some people.

National Kitchen and Bath Association or NKBA reports that traditional designs actually will never go out of style. If you’re about to purchase a house, apartment, or condo unit or planning on remodeling your home, you might want to take a look at this year’s latest kitchen designs. Check the tables, cabinet organizers, paints, and finishes under traditional, transitional or contemporary styles and designs and find the perfect mix and match that suits your taste, preferences and your home ambinet.

Modern kitchen design

Sleek is in. From table tops to counter tops, to finishes and backsplashes, a sleek design never goes out of style, no matter what else is fashionable right now. For floor tiles, white ceramic, high quality vinyl flooring, porcelain tile and natural stone are good options. Granite countertops are still popular as are porcelain tile and glass backsplashes. Cherry wood remains at the top spot for kitchen cabinets followed by maple wood, and alder wood. Cabinet organizers made of one of these materials will give your home that modern look that so many contemporary home living magazines feature on their glossy covers.

Glass, aluminum, or nickel cabinet doors can give your kitchen a minimalist, and more modern look. Under counter refrigerators, dishwashers in drawers, and oven stove tops are some of the more popular trends that have been spotted nowadays. They don’t only contribute to that contemporary look you want for your room, but they also serve as good space savers for small spaces, which are so commonplace in most new homes.

Kitchen design and modeling is done only once or twice in a lifetime. This is why you should choose designs that are modern and contemporary, ones that can last for years without having to remodel or renovate. Now that houses are smaller and more activities like laundry, dining, and working are often done in the cooking area instead of a dedicated room such as the washroom, which simply has no place in small homes, make sure to go for furniture and appliance choices that serve both form and function, without losing anything from their modern, contemporary appeal. Look for tables that double as cabinet organizers, and purchase multi-functional appliances, so you can effectively make use of your small space and make it seem much bigger.

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Image: Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net