Transformable Home Ideas

It’s fantastic! You can transform your house plan according to your needs! Move walls and extend room to the patio area. The expansion is tied to a simultaneous deformation of inner space. The clear orthogonal body turns into a space plan with diagonal cuts and new visual connection. The ingrained sense of living is resolved any perceived new season and living again.

Common apartment structures are equipped with flexible components to provide spatial elasticity concerning short orlong term cycles:

  • optional use of the balcony
  • optional size and shape of rooms
  • optional number of rooms
  • optional response to the climate

Inner core offers a fixed set of sanitary equipment andcirculation.
Flexible elements allow an adapting to changing needs ofthe user:

  • box-type double window: two independent mobile window layers with flexible joints
  • inner walls: flexible wall wings, connectable with the window casements

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