Inipi B – Super Compact Sauna

Inipi B. The great pleasure of sauna floor space. Super compact modern stylish sauna was presented by Duravit. Usually, sauna requires a lot of space, so it is placed in basement or as separate building. Now, thanks to Duravit’s collaboration with design studio EOOS, you can put it anywhere and enjoy both relaxing moments and perfect design! The one person compact version measures only 120cm X 120cm, while the two person compact version measures 240cm X 120 cm.  You can even move it to another place as it can be easily disassembled. The idea was born from Inipi sauna “sweat huts” Native North American Lakota, where the fire that warmed stones sprinkled with herbs. Inipi B takes the symbol of the stone in its unity of command, with which you can adjust at will the temperature of the sauna, the timer for the oven and a digital hourglass.