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Tips For Sucessful Bedroom Interior Design Projects

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

By: Lee Dobbins

Did you know that bedroom home improvement projects are the most frequently attempted projects for homeowners? As this is the room you spend almost half your life in, this is understandable – even if the majority of the time you spend there will be with your eyes closed!

Bedroom interior

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You may wake up and decide you don’t like the color, or you don’t like the furnishings, or that you want things situated in a different way. No matter what you pick, you need to figure out what you want to change and take it from there.

Children's bedroom

This perfect image is from Becker Furniture World

Bedroom Storage SolutionsNow you might want to work on a budget. It doesn’t have to be excessive, you can simply paint and rearrange furniture for a new look. One big complaint in the bedroom is the lack of storage space. Several innovative solutions – such as cabinets that can hang in a closet, stackable wooden storage crates with doors that face out, and shelving units can help with that, as can simply arranging the furniture to clear more floor space in the walk way areas – it doesn’t matter how much space is in your closet if it’s inconvenient to get to.

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Take the time to plan out a layout for furniture and other elements in your bedroom interior design plan. Think about where things go, and what has to go next to what for usability – then look at sightlines and the visual focus of the room. You don’t have to decorate your bedroom in keeping with the rest of your home – this is your private space and you can give it the charming theme that suits you.

Next, pick out color schemes and patterns. Lighter colors will make the room seem more spacious and airy, but darker colors can be nice and even in small rooms will make the walls recede giving it the allusion of space! Your lighting fixture are important and you want to be sure there is enought light for reading or what have you. You want to be sure you have matching colors in the carpet, bedding and window treatments to pull the room together.

Decide which pieces of furniture and accessories you want to replace – in particular, think about artwork, floor lamps and reading lights. Consider colors and themes that go with the rooms overall design, try to buy pieces that are practical, such as a cedar chest for the foot of the bed, or headboards with shelves on them for lamps, alarm clocks or books. If you want a TV in the room, you will have to plan it so that it is situated in an area that is comfortable for viewing from the bed – putting the TV remote on a tether tied to the head board can also be useful.

Planning out your bedroom interior design beforehand is a great way to ensure you accomplish a room that is perfect for you as well as make your project go smoothly!

Author Resource: Lee Dobbins writes for Perfect Home Decorating where you can get more decorating tips for every room in the house and get more ideas for your bedroom interior decorating projects.
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