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Modern Kitchen Concept

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Fevzi Karaman, a designer from Ankara, Turkey, won the first prize on Silverline Kitchen Design Competition’06 for this beautiful and smart kitchen design concept. The modular furniture is very advanced with a work plan to be drawn into a table. This kitchen design is very clever, and when is not used as a kitchen it can be a sleek piece of furniture. Everything you need in a kitchen is packed into this small, rectangular counter top. It’s perfect for small living spaces and isn’t going to be very useful for larger families.

Hidden Passage Doorways

Monday, May 5th, 2008

hidden passage behind cabinet
Transform any doorway in your home with a unique and beautifully concealed bookcase/pantry cabinet door. Your finely handcrafted door will add beauty, practical storage and individuality to your home.


Circular Kitchen – Compact Concepts

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

After decades of the conventional modular kitchens the circular kitchen represents now the latest innovation in kitchen technology. The subject matter of this concept is the open placement of a kitchen within a room, in nooks and within wall cavities, saving space and through a central open style to enable the working in the kitchen without doing one step. In addition the following conceptional advantages are evident: No walls are necessary for the placement of the kitchen.

Circular Compact Kitchen

The kitchen island as a decorative independent unit can be closed off and is fitted with a lockable slatted door and creates an ideal highlight in every apartment, office, foyer or retirement residence.   
This clever kitchen is space saving constructed to use up less than 1.8 sqm, but offering as much bench and storage space as a conventional kitchen equipped with 12 cupboards.

As this is a 180º rotating kitchen, the complete work area may be reached from a sitting or standing position.

Circular Compact Kitchen

Through open style this kitchen concept is extremely user friendly. Deep cupboards and annoying doors in the way whilst working belong to the past. Appliances and kitchen contents are clearly visible.

Cost intensive work such as planning, fitting and installation, expensive tiling and electrical work is reduced to a minimum or does not occur at all.

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