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Home Building Modern Trends in the USA

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

By : Sonia Smith

In home building and remodelling in America, some of them are short-lived and some last a decade or longer. With the drastic downturn of new construction activity, builders are now wiser in their ways of constructing homes and buyers are adapting to these changes.

Builders have to be more creative to be able to survive recession. New construction trends in the US are giving new home building a shot and builders have re-invented themselves by becoming more clever in their field.

Below are some of the new trends in home construction in the United States.

  1. New innovations in home building integrate security systems, more storage space, larger kitchens, laundry rooms, bigger garages with a work area, separate tubs and shower stalls and home theater system.
  2. Home builders are also incorporating energy-effective methods in building homes like products that emit lower gas and flexible floor plans. Even Feng Shui is used in designing new houses.
  3. Wiring is set up so that new owners can access state-of-the-art security systems with high-speed data, high-tech cable or satellite TV and state video pick-up. New buyers also request for remote control systems that help turn on lights to initiate the security system.
  4. Most of the ceilings today are now painted an accent color; some even have more than one color and mostly the same color with the walls.
  5. Game rooms are now the trend in many new homes. Normally a ground floor or basement room, now the game room can be found on the second level in place of a bedroom or office. You can find there arcade style games, pinball games and video game set-ups.
  6. Crown moldings today have become less of an upgrade but a standard option in higher-end homes. Furthermore, panels, wainscoting, chair rails and fluted door casings are extremely popular.
  7. Synthetic materials such as fibreglass doors and trim sidings are coming out in home building.
  8. Wooden stairs and railings with iron balusters continue to be the choice of many homebuilders and is indeed the hot stairway look that many buyers are looking for.
  9. Home products for roofing, insulation, doors and windows are all considered for energy effectiveness and safety in the home construction these days, together with solar and wind power. Shade and quality appliances are also factors in the new home building trends in America.
  10. Current homeowners responded to the economic crunch because instead of selling, they are now adding more space into their current homes and incorporating more space to their homes and using new techniques and trends in the process.

However, do not think that these trends are necessary in your home. Nevertheless, if you plan to remodel or build a new home or getting it ready to sell, it is always beneficial to know the trends to maximize the market value of your property.

Regardless whether building out a present home or constructing a new home, homebuilders are finding work in the present recession condition and are expecting the new trends to boost the home construction market.

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