Dune Shaped Dubai Opera House by Zaha Hadid

August 15th, 2008

Zaha Hadid Architects have developed designs for a new opera house and cultural centre for Dubai.

The dune-shaped building is proposed for a Dubai Greek island.

The design calls for an exciting new cultural centre in the new Seven Pearls district of Dubai. This landmark development will accommodate an opera house, playhouse, arts gallery, performing arts school and themed hotel on an island in Dubai Creek just off the mainland part of the district. All of these facilities will be state of the art to host world class performances and exhibitions. The opera house will have a seating capacity of 2,500 while the playhouse will have a seating capacity of 800.

The arts gallery with 5000m2 of exhibition space is indeed a full size exhibition facility comparable to the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The hotel will accommodate guests in a 6 star setting. Sited on an island in Dubai Creek, the development will be connected to Greater Dubai by a road connection to the mainland.

The proposal houses all of the facilities within a single striking structure. The gentle winding form evokes images of mountains or sand dunes. Rising out of the ground, this form is both a part of the landscape yet very much a distinct element in the skyline. The surrounding landscape forms build up to the main building. These constitute open park spaces as well as ancillary functions such as the parking facilities and the monorail station, which are either tucked under or integrated into the andscape forms. Read the rest of this entry »

Wonderful Fireplaces

August 8th, 2008
Fire furniture square by schulte design

Fire furniture square by schulte design

Real hot! The latest showstopper from the Krefeld design hotspot Schulte Design amazes with fire and flame. They emerge directly from the top of these extraordinary fire-furniture pieces. But do not worry! Nothing gets burnt here. The exclusive lounge tables are crowned by a stainless steel top, in the centre of which a special inset is built, where it is quite simple to light a romantic fire.
This effect is made possible by a special liquid, which burns without smoke or gas and therefore without risk. A sliding cover, also made of stylish stainless steel, locks the fireplace when the longing for romance and cosiness is satisfied. Or the evening is simply drawing to an end. Thanks to the innovation of Schulte Design, the times when dripping candles or sooted wind lights dampened our moods, are finally forgotten. And even those who have long dreamt of blazing flames in an open fireplace come a hot piece closer to this illusion with the fantastic fire furniture.

The tables are available in various dimensions. And thanks to their elegant form they are a centre of attraction not only on a cosy winter evening. Even without the play of flames these shapely purist pieces are a proven eye-catcher. Each piece of fire furniture is manufactured from the “fruity-spicy” woods of the Tutti Frutti collection. Olive, apple, plum, walnut and wild cherry belong to Schulte Design. All these solid woods impress with an interesting and lively grain, which makes each piece of furniture absolutely unique.


TRAVELMATE Mobile fireplace without a flue

TRAVELMATE Mobile fireplace without a flue

The travelling fire. The technology of smokeless fire combined with a weather resistant powder coating offers one thing in particular – releasing the fire from being in a fixed place in the home. TRAVELMATE makes it possible to set up an individual, full-value fireplace and source of heat that really sets the mood, with no complications and wherever you want it: On the carpet, on the dining table, next to the sofa, on the terrace, or in the garden, now the atmosphere of the fireside can be enjoyed anywhere. The formal design as a stylised suitcase unmistakeably conveys the notion that this is an item not bound to any fixed location. A cheerful fire blazing in the unit completes the concept of a fireplace that really wants to be free of its shackles. The glass pane, which is held on with magnets, is only removed in order to light the fire. Once the glass pane has been replaced, the fuel tank can be opened and closed, using the stainless steel slide at the front of the fireplace, thereby allowing the flames to be regulated from the outside. Now the glass pane once again protects the fire.

The base for your TRAVELMATE for indoor – just place your travelling fire on the base without any mounting and enjoy a new perspective. The circumferential bottom makes sure that the fireplace is standing safe.

Vertebrae – Vertical Bathroom System

May 28th, 2008

Vertebrae is an amazing, unique and revolutionary, space saving, vertical bathroom.

The architectural inspired design, consists of compact, hand crafted, aluminium modular units, arranged in an intuitive configuration. The user simply pushes out the required module for use.

The bespoke design consists of seven modules, comprising a WC, a basin, storage x 2, cistern, and shower x 2, all of which rotate for easy access. Assemble the modules to suit required heights.

The product is fitted to the floor and ceiling, and utilizes the vacant, vertical space within bathrooms. The modules rotate around the support and services column.

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Hidden Passage Doorways

May 5th, 2008

hidden passage behind cabinet
Transform any doorway in your home with a unique and beautifully concealed bookcase/pantry cabinet door. Your finely handcrafted door will add beauty, practical storage and individuality to your home.

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Transformable Balcony

April 23rd, 2008

Bloomframe Folding balcony
A unique design! With the click of a button window is transformed into a great balcony! Hofman Dujardin Architects has recently submitted his design draft to prestigious RedDot design award.

window transformable to balcony

Inside or Outside?
Unfortunately, nowadays often the construction of an apartment with balcony is completely omitted to save space. With Bloomframe balcony, everyone can decide if he or she needs a balcony right now.

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